Scientific Rationality, Decision and Choice

Бузов, Вихрен (2003) Scientific Rationality, Decision and Choice Bulgarian Studies in the Philosophy of Science (ed. Dimitri Ginev), Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science Volume 236, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp.17-29; ISBN 9401709610

 Herein below I will try to set out certain innate traits of scientific rationality, by means of making a comparison between leading subjective and objective accounts of it in aspects representative for their explanatory potential. Scientific rationality might well be taken in as a system of specific norms, originating from, and upheld by, a scientific community; norms offering a choice of best decisions in a set of rival alternatives. Hence, a study may be developed up to the evolvement of a uniform conception of scientific rationality and its variants. . Bayesian inductivism demonstrates a better philosophical and methodological fruitfulness, serious heuristic potential and logical flexibility. It is superior to Popperianism in a number of aspects; however, it does not give what is due to the intersubjective foundations of rationality. The logic of decision calls for an adequate complement, plus development in an objective – even Popperian – spirit.
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 scientific rationality, decision, Bayesianism

Хуманитарни науки Философия

Humanities Philosophy

 Вихрен Бузов

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