Идеи П. И. Пестеля о государственном устройстве на Балканах.

Астарджиева, Татяна (2017) Идеи П. И. Пестеля о государственном устройстве на Балканах. - В: Ключевские чтения "Образ и смысл победы в российской истории". Москва: Издательство "Спутник +" 2017, с.172-181. ISBN 978-5-9973-4402-3

 In the early nineteenth century, the Russian social circles expressed sympathy for the plight of Christians in the Balkans, which are under the dependence of the Ottoman Empire. From previous centuries, Russia promotes Orthodox and Slavic ideas to implement its foreign policy ambitions in the region. Different projects appeared, which provided the state construction of Southeastern Europe. Such an option is found in the pages of "Russkaya Pravda", written by the head of Southern society P. I. Pestel. It is called "the kingdom of Greece" and is inspired by the uprising of the Greeks in 1821. Pestel provides federal building of the Balkan countries, led by the monarch. Despite the progressive views of the author of transformations in their own country, he misses the willingness of Orthodox Christians for national self-determination and their own polity.
 Balkan Peninsula, Orthodox, Christians,ideas, project, federation, kingdom,Greek uprising, Decembrists, Russia

 Татяна Астарджиева

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