Димитър Михалчев и „идеята за интегрална Югославия”

Белогашев, Георги (2010) Димитър Михалчев и „идеята за интегрална Югославия” Философски алтернативи, 2010, 19(2), с. 116 - 123, ISSN 0861-7899

 The article is concerned to a considerable philosophical and political project, which are the base of the most widespread political conception on the Balcans between the two World wars - this of “Integrated Yugoslavia”. Some intellectuals of the balkan slavonic countries accepted this conception as the only effective way for resolving the most acute problems in the region. The professor of the Sofia State University Dimitar Mihalchev has an original contribution of his own for developing this idea
 social philosophy, tribe, people, national culture, self-determination

 Георги Белогашев

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