Типология на изследванията върху разговорната реч в англоезичната литература.

Генова, Дафинка (2004) Типология на изследванията върху разговорната реч в англоезичната литература. Сб. от Шеста научна сесия с международно участие "Проблеми на българската разговорна реч", Велико Търново, 31 май - 1 юни 2001. Ред. Хр. Станева et al. Велико Търново: УИ “Св. св. Кирил и Методий”, 2004, с. 85-98. ISBN 954-524-407-0

 In the paper, research on spontaneously occurring conversations in scholarly works published in English is critically commented on and compared. Most numerous are the studies on the formal organization of conversation as a sequence of utterances. Contentwise most numerous are the studies on gender differences and politeness. The social context of conversation construction has also been studied, mainly in the classroom/the lecture hall, the courtroom, the doctor’s consulting room, the shop, etc. Studied are the strategies in giving and accepting advice, resolving differences and misunderstandings, entreaties, making a good impression and presenting a point of view. Conversation, on a more abstract level, is viewed as an event, speech activity and a social practice, in which the participants are guided by rationality principles, cooperation and politeness: the notions most often applied in conversation analysis are performativity, inferencing, contextualization and language ideology. Research is usually interdisciplinary, from the point of view of at least two scholarly fields and the interdisciplinary research does not go beyond the following branches of science: linguistics, sociolinguistics, anthropology, sociology, social psychology, social semiotics and philosophy.
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 conversation analysis, speech event, performativity, pragmatic inference

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Humanities Language, Linguistics, Literature and Theory of Literature

 Дафинка Генова

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