В търсене на земята на Я. Ф. Санников.

Астарджиева, Татяна (2015) В търсене на земята на Я. Ф. Санников. Сб. "България, българите и Европа – мит, история, съвремие", В. Търново, 6 ноември 2015 г. Ред. Н. Кънев. В. Търново: УИ "Св. Св. Кирил и Методий", 2015, т. Х, с.173-183. ISBN 978-619-208-104-1

 The name of A.V. Kolchak is related with his participation in the First World War as a commander of the Black Sea Fleet and in the Civil War in Russia at the beginning of the XXth century as an admiral. He is hardly known as a polar explorer, traveler or scientist. The article considered the participation of Kolchak as an admiral in the Polar Expedition in the 1900y., organised by the Russian Academy of Sciences. The fact that he is being recognized both as "Kolchak and Poliarnyi" is not accidental. Both names are related with the Russian Polar Expedition in the Arctic Ocean, where the young sea officer gives his energy and knowledge in the area of his researches, which he translates. Devoted to his work, Kolchak makes hydrological and magnetic researches, also takes part in the searching of new lands in the North, gives his attention to the elaboration of the North Sea Roads and their benefit to the development of Siberia and the entire Russia.
 Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Kolchak, Russian Polar Expedition, the North Sea, ,hydrological and magnetic researcheson,

 Татяна Астарджиева

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