Антисъветски правителства в Гражданската война на Русия.

Астарджиева, Татяна (2014) Антисъветски правителства в Гражданската война на Русия. Сб. "България, българите и Европа – мит, история, съвремие", В. Търново, 31 октомври 2014 г. Ред. Б. Борисов. В. Търново: УИ "Св. Св. Кирил и Методий", 2014, т. IХ, с. 94-103. ISBN 978-619-208-066-2

 Due to the concussions that the russian society experience in 1917, in terms of the country's prolonged participation in the First World War and the inability of government to tackle the situation and react, led to the unprecedented success of the bolshevik movement. The World conflict gave birth to the civil war in Russia. The civil war itself is bloody and very unpredictable in it is early stage. All who do not accept the new regime are deemed anti-soviet. In regions far away from the capital of Soviet Russia, governments and armies are formed with the sole purpose to bring down the newly appointed rulers. These "governments" are very multi-national in terms of their participants. This results in frequent conflicts and more so, in an inability on many occasions to come to terms with each other and properly coordinate. Their desire to take power amongst the others led to the failure of the white movement.
 government, Soviet Russia

 Татяна Астарджиева

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